🌐⛓ Eywa ⛓ 🌐



Eywa is DEX’s blockchain-agnostic cross-chain ecosystem — a decentralized, non-custody, cross-chain exchange that provides users with the ability to create liquidity pairs, move assets, create exchange pools between different blockchains, exchange tokens, lossless farming and staking earnings.

Why Eywa ❓

🏆 Complete DEX in every blockchain
💲 Stable income for liquidity providers — liquidity pools with limited TVL
🚜 Farming without volatile losses — the ability to earn on cross-chain pools with the same assets (USDT-USDT, BTC-BTC, ETH-ETH)
💵 Ability to move liquidity between different blockchains in search of maximum benefit
⛓ Ability to do internetwork exchanges
💰 Chance to make money on EYWA staking
👩🏼‍💻 Best user experience

What can I do ❓

✔️ Become a validator in the EYWA relay network and earn money
✔️ Pay commissions with assets convenient for you
✔️ Move your token between any blockchains for free (if you use our synthetic token)
✔️ Create liquidity pools with your token on any blockchain
✔️ Take part in functional testing and get rewarded
✔️ Holders of EYWA tokens will participate in the governance of the protocol through the DAO (Governance) mechanism



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