◈ Reminder of the end of the promotion for the value of shares

👋🏻 Hello!


Dear participants and shareholders of the Onecli ecosystem. Today we are issuing a reminder that our attractive Share Value Promotion is coming to an end. At a time when the market value of the shares was $0.35, we have been offering you for quite a long time to buy shares per share, up to $0.09 per unit, depending on the amount of investment.

Today, exactly 19 days are left before the return of the promotional price to the market value of $0.35. The promotion will last until May 31 inclusive. If you still want to make a purchase, write about it to our excellent Telegram support (https://t.me/onecli_support). You will be sent the necessary instructions. We accept payments to almost any payment system, and we take on the commission when transferring. The amount actually written off from your account is converted into shares that will be credited to your personal account.

We remind you that the promotional offer looks like this:

- up to $100 — $0.13 per share;
— from $100 to $500 — $0.11 per share;
— from $500 and above — $0.09 per share.

Get in touch! 🎎



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