Eywa is DEX’s blockchain-agnostic cross-chain ecosystem — a decentralized, non-custody, cross-chain exchange that provides users with the ability to create liquidity pairs, move assets, create exchange pools between different blockchains, exchange tokens, lossless farming and staking earnings.

Why Eywa ❓
🏆 Complete DEX in every blockchain
💲 Stable income for liquidity providers — liquidity pools with limited

🚜 Farming without volatile losses — the ability to earn on cross-chain pools with the same assets (USDT-USDT, BTC-BTC, ETH-ETH)
💵 Ability to move liquidity between different blockchains in search of maximum benefit
⛓ Ability to do internetwork exchanges
💰 Chance to make money on EYWA staking
👩🏼‍💻 Best user experience

What can I do ❓
✔️ Become a validator in the EYWA relay network and earn money
✔️ Pay commissions with assets convenient for you
✔️ Move your token between any blockchains for free (if you use our synthetic token)
✔️ Create liquidity pools with your token on any blockchain
✔️ Take part in functional testing and get rewarded
✔️ Holders of EYWA tokens will participate in the governance of the protocol through the DAO (Governance) mechanism

Testing stages:

Stage 1 (09/08/21) — 40 points (20 points for those who completed after 09/19/21)
Stage 2 (09/19/21) — 40 points
Stage 3 (04.10.21) — 50 points
Stages 1,2,3 PRO (23.10.21) — 80 points
Stage 4 (02.11.21) — 80 points + 50 points PRO mode
Stage 4 (11/18/21) — 160 points PRO mode (Ethereum Rinkeby — Polygon Mumbai)
Stage 4 (02.12.21) — 160 points PRO mode (Ethereum Rinkeby — Avalanche Testnet Network)
Stage 4 (09.12.21) — 160 points PRO mode (Ethereum Rinkeby — Heco Testnet)
Stage 5 (12.21.21) — 80 points + 240 points PRO mode. Gasless function.

Additional points:
Points for Retweets (11–18.10.21) — 20 points for retweets
Poll for Points (12/01/21 onwards) — poll for points, 30 points will be awarded after completion of all polls.
Additional Points (12/16/21 onwards) — 10 points for waiting for tasks to be completed in the Polygon network

🌟 On 12/21/21 it was possible to get 1170 points when completing all tasks.

Points can also be obtained additionally:
participating in the EYWA Helper Program
participating in the Referral Program *

Alpha testing of the EYWA platform.

On the eve of the New Year 2022, we would like to mark important milestones in the history of the formation and development of the EYWA project.

💫 Over the current year, the EYWA team has done a truly colossal work, which allowed us to achieve excellent results.
✨ The components of the EYWA protocol were launched and successfully tested:

⚡️EYWA Cross-chain Bridge
⚡️EYWA Cross-chain Swap
⚡️EYWA Cross-chain Adding Liquidity
⚡️EYWA Multichain Gasless

Changes have been made to make the protocol more comfortable for users.

💫 We are happy to inform you that investors and partners are interested in us.
Every day we discuss cooperation and we can say: there is not a single indifferent person who has learned about EYWA.
So, we can already talk about grants from:

🌟 NEAR Foundation — $ 40,000
🌟 Harmony One — $ 50,000
🌟 Algorand — $ 95,000

In addition, we are glad to cooperate with Unreal Capital and the companies, which we will tell you about, summing up the results of the last week of 2021.

Our large-scale marketing company has attracted large investors and a large number of users to the project.

🌟 More than 85,000 people have already taken part in the testing, and the number of subscribers in social networks has exceeded 170,000!

🤝 But all these achievements would mean nothing without all of you!
We appreciate everyone who takes part in the life of the project and contributes to its development.

So, by participating in the Alpha Testing program of the EYWA platform, each of you has allowed us to improve the EYWA protocol and bring the launch of the mainnet closer.

🚀 Even more exciting events await you in the New Year 2022!

It’s only begining!



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